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Humilau City


im actually a shaymin


someone reminds me that I drew trainer things really while ago by Colors! on NDS.

Draw them on 2008.10.24 and 2009.5.13

( maybe my doodles in this terms were better than now hahaha)


Part of ポケlog by IKARU

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My housemate borrowed my laptop all night so I did some traditional art. 


HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF ALL MY POKÉMON + SOME OF MY ROOM!!! soon I’ll organize everything and take pictures with my camera and not my phone but I wanted to show y’all


M E W T W O 

I'm going to get myself in fighting trim,
scope out every angle of unfair advantage.
I'm going to bribe the officials.
I'm going to kill all the judges.
it's going to take you people years to recover from all of the damage.